Keila Tyner

Consultant & Speaker

Look Better. Feel Better. Live Better.

Dr. Keila Tyner is a trained image consultant with a commitment to develop one’s authentic style.  As a personal fashion and wardrobe stylist, her expertise lies in cultivating and presenting a professional appearance and identity to others with specific focus on nonverbal communication and charisma.  Keila has spent her career researching image and dress, and has trained several professionals and hundreds of students in the social and psychological aspects of the presentation of the self.  She coaches clients on how to develop the proper appearance, wardrobe, nonverbal skills, and charisma to project a positive, professional image. In addition to individual consultations, Keila delivers engaging and interactive presentations for corporations seeking to empower a workforce to reflect the brand and emulate its overall corporate culture.


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Dr. Keila Tyner is an expert in the area of social and psychological aspects of dress, appearance, and the body, having an extensive academic background in the area.  Her specific research interests include:

  • The presentation of the self to others in social context
  • Appearance perception
  • Image and dress
  • Nonverbal communication
  • Self-concept and identity in relation to appearance
  • Body image
  • Dress, appearance, and the body in liminal transition
  • Charisma

She received her doctorate at Iowa State University in Textiles and Clothing with a minor in Women's Studies.  There she researched cosmetic technologies of the body by exploring the relationship between self and identity through the consumption of nonsurgical cosmetic procedures.  Dr. Tyner has published several manuscripts in academic journals such as the Clothing and Textiles Research JournalJournal of Consumer Culture, and Sociological Inquiry on topics including consumption and the body, feminist perspectives of the body, and the pregnant and postpartum body. 

Dr. Tyner was formerly an Assistant Professor of Fashion Merchandising at Texas State University-San Marcos before pursuing her own business and moving to New York City, where she currently resides.



Educational Background:

PhD - Iowa State University - Ames, IA - Textiles and Clothing with minor in Women's Studies

M.S. - Colorado State University - Fort Collins, CO - Apparel Merchandising with certificate in Women's Studies

B.S. - Texas Christian University - Fort Worth, TX - Fashion Promotion